Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trash to Treasure

Ok so I finally got my act together to bring you the long hinted at Beach Project.....

So trashy find one was this bunch of shells - some collected over many years (childhood trips to see my grandparents on Long Island, NY), others from a trip to Galveston, TX while working in Houston for my day job and others purchased at garage sales from other peoples trips to interesting beachy places.

The second trashy find was this garage sale frame and cigar box.  Both of these are in nice condition and could be used as is for whatever but I decided that they were a little be plain in there current state.
Wood Picture Frame
Hot Glue
Razor Blade Knife

Step 1: Sorting
You need to sort the shells and decide what your color pallet is going to be, what size shells fit your frame, is it going to be only shells or do you have coral, stone, sea glass in your collection of beach finds.  Do you want to add additional items?  Well now is the time to go get them out.

Step 2: Putting it all together
Now comes the time consuming part.  If your frame has a finish on it, sand it off so that the wood is rough thereby giving it texture for the glue to grab.  Dust off the saw dust before you start to lay out your design.  Start to lay out shells in what ever manner pleases your eye.  I found that I could only lay out a few shells before they start to slip off or out of place. Then glue those shells in place and move on to laying out and fitting more shells into place and glue those on.  As you go you will probably have drips and strings so stop and scrape them off with a razor blade knife.  This will keep your project nice and neat.  We do NOT want any tacky here....

Step 3: Finishing it off
Keep placing, adding and gluing until all of the spaces are covered including any small spaces where the shells do not meet.  These gap spaces can be covered from above with another shell or you could wind a strand of faux pearls around the frame to cover these spots.  Let your creativity run wild... until to have recycled art to wear and love.

Here is my finished frame displaying a vintage Hampton Beach postcard.  If you like this frame but are not up to the 3 or so hours it takes to create this 5 x 7 inch frame it is available for purchase in my shop:

Now for the cigar box that will become a sailor's Valentine jewelry box..... look for that one in the near future.

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  1. What a fun and crafty idea! I will be collecting sea shells this summer to give it a try :) Looking forward to seeing what you do with the cigar box!

    Your newest follower,