Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trash to Treasure

Ok, many things have gotten in the way of the Trash to Treasure feature I wanted to present today.  SOoooo... no beach project this week.  If I am lucky I will present it next week as an unscheduled special posting.

So in place of my beach Trash to Treasure I will present you with my next best thing..... an antique button upcycle.

This project is based on a tin full of antique buttons that I found at the local flea market.  Now I needed these special little beauties like I needed another hole in the head buuuttt who could pass them up.  I have thousands of buttons just waiting for their turn in the sun, so to speak.

So as I began to play with these small sweet metal pieces of artwork, I begin to think what can I do with these.  Finally I decided a bracelet would honor these best and show off the dainty beauty of these antique pieces of art. 

 So now how do I not ruin these scarce to rare pieces of fashion history to create this new piece of recycled art to wear and love.  Well I found pink mother of pearl flower beads in my stash.  These are drilled from side to side with a hole in the center just perfect for the shank of the button button to fit in.

After laying the design out and spending about 1/2 hour to an hour fiddling with it and stringing it.  Here is the outcome.  What do you think?

Now if you really like this bracelet and think you would like to own it, it is available in my shop.

Be on the look out for the special beach post coming soon to you!

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