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Trash to Treasure Thursdays

Welcome to my first Trash to Treasure post.  These Trash to Treasure posts will occur twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month.  Trash to Treasure will discuss the journeys my finds take from things people want to get rid of to recycled art to wear and love.

This is what I found this week while out hunting with my husband, an antiques and collectible dealer.

 My first find was this lot of stainless steel and silver plate flatware ranging in age from the 1880s to the 1980s.  The flatware is all different patterns and makers.  Things that no one wants since they don't match, don't need anymore since some of these pieces are for children and ready for the trash if no takes them home.

My second find was this bag of broken costume jewelry that was sitting in a free box at a yard sale just waiting for a new home or the trash which ever came first.  Now the stuff in here ranges in vintage from the 1930s to the 1970s and some is useable by me and some is not.  Now the pieces that I do not use will get recycled again by going in 1 gallon bags of destash to be sold in my shop.
Heading off to my shop

Now I know you are thinking what can be done with mismatch flatware and broken costume jewelry that anyone could want?  How about a Fork or Spoon bracelet? 

Well let me walk you though my process.....

1. Selection: Part 1
First I start by selecting a matched pair of spoons or forks.  Single forks or spoons will get used in another design. (Check back for a Trash to Treasure post for those singles).  Once I have selected the pair I want these are then washed in regular hand dish soap and water and dried. Then I decide based on the pattern and size of the forks or spoons how large the bracelet will be approximately.

2. Creation:
Cut the spoon or fork end off and rough sand the sharp edges from the cut off.  (These parts will be used for pendants or other bracelets at another date.)  Now it is time to bend the remaining spoon/fork handles into a bracelet form.  I do this with a jig as it takes to much of a tole on my hands to hammer it around a bracelet mandrel. Once formed I then drill both ends to accept a split or jump ring later.  OK, time to sand and file out all of the rough spots and preliminary polish.

 3. Selection: Part 2
Off to the bag of broken costume jewelry.... it is now time to select the bead or link or charm that I feel compliments the bracelet pattern or design.

 4. Assembly:
Now comes the fun part.... putting it all together.  I added split rings and jump rings to the underside closing with either a lobster claw or toggle clasp.  These are either silver plate or stainless steel depending on the bracelet metal.  I match the closure metal to the bracelet metal meaning that if the spoon/forks were silverplate then the clasp would be silverplate.  I add a split ring or jump ring to the top or wire in the center accent piece.

 5. Final Finishing:
 Once everything is assembled I then give it a final polishing and buffering.  Since these bracelets are recycled I do not try to bring them to a blinding shine as I like these pieces to showcase their previous lives.

Here is my most recently completed piece:
Look for this and others in my shop. http://www.etsy.com/shop/verycreativecreation

I hope you have enjoyed this Trash to Treasure post.  Look for my next Trash to Treasure post on June 9, 2011.  In the mean time be on the look out for recycled art to wear and love.

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